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5 Ways to Show Your Support for Independent Musicians 

If Instagram profiles and meme shares covered all of a musician's expenses, every artist in the country would be receiving checks right now. However, in an ever-changing music industry where earning revenue from actual music sales is exceedingly tough, the majority of independent and underground artists continue to struggle to make a livelihood from their trade. Even experienced independent acts often struggle to stay solvent, and it's sometimes a battle to break even. Even if you don't have a lot of time or money to spare, there are a number of quick and effective ways to contribute meaningfully. With about 10 minutes of your day (or less), you can promote independent art and demonstrate your commitment to culture as a loyal fan and supporter. This is how:


1. Become a fan of their social media pages - Everywhere!

It is the twenty-first century. Social media has triumphed. Your favourite artist likely has a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, and an Instagram account. Additionally, you'll need a SoundCloud account, a YouTube channel or whatever other social media platform is popular with the crowd these days. Follow them everywhere they go. It is all. It takes only a few seconds to follow artists on every site where they have a profile, and it's the simplest and most direct method to demonstrate your support. 


2. Get Your Work Out There - Support

Through the sharing of their work, you can become an artist's buddy. It is completely free. When you see something amazing that your friends have created, don't just double tap and keep scrolling. Share it and let others know about it! Visibility is one of the most difficult aspects of being a creative person, and we gain it when others share our work. When you share an artist's posts, you significantly increase their reach. With an increasing number of sites charging independent artists for visibility, the free and organic notoriety you can spread with the click of a "retweet" button is priceless. You've probably "liked" an artist's Facebook page because you consider yourself a loyal fan and are proud of it. Consistently sharing their information is the best method to demonstrate this.


3. Spend more time interacting with their social media content.

Once you've joined an indie artist's social media fan base, it's critical to respond appropriately to their posts. Commenting on videos increases the likelihood that they will be seen by others. Likes and "favourites" can assist each post in reaching a larger audience. Every independent artist needs to build a relationship with their fans in order to make money. Do this to show that you like the artist's work.


4. Press the play button! You're connected to the AUX wire!

Independent artists rely on a personal connection with each listener, the same spark that pervades every artist featuring an upcoming hit. You can individually expose your friends to listen to the indie music you enjoy, and it only takes a few minutes.


5. Offer unflinching feedback and moral support 

Perhaps the most critical type of support is moral support. Pursuing art in any medium requires courage, but it may also leave you vulnerable, frustrated, and disillusioned at times. Numerous artists experience self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Encourage and uplift your artist pals when they reach low points. Remind them of their capabilities and the value of their effort. A small push from those who genuinely care about us and believe in us can go a long way!


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